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"Summer mosaic"

July-August 2001
renewable exhibition

Each new exhibition in the gallery is another attempt to disprove the Oscar Wild's statement that " any art is absolutely useless"Exposition of "Summer mosaic" embraces nearly 30 paintings and graphic works by thirteen artists. Diversity of genres and techniques, manners, skills makes it possible not only to give an idea of the exhibiting process as such, but to have a view of though not large but undoubtedly interesting fragment of mosaic of Ekatrinburg art life, to get acquainted with existing modern art schools, to perceive the latest trends. At the exhibition the works of artists well-known in Ekaterinburg like Yuri Filonenko, Vasily and Lyubov Antsiferovs, Vladimir Smelkov, Sergey Bryukhanov, Vladimir Ganzin neighbour with creatures of young artists who have just climbed on the art market stage.
The present exhibition will be a great pleasure for connoisseurs of art, collectioners as well as of great interest for those who intends to complete their interior decoration with art works.


"Odoevsky Gallery" "Urals technologies" group present
within "Urals Character" project a Marina Kutyavina exhibition
"TRACES OF PRESENCE" graphic works

28th of May - 10th of June, 2001

Marina Kutyavina was born in 1970 in Sverdlovsk. Graduated from Art and Graphics faculty at Nizhny-Tagil State Teachers institute in 1999.
Since 1994 she has taken part in exhibitions both in Russia (Ekaterinburg, Ufa, Tchelyabinsk, N.Tagil, Snezhinsk) and abroad (Bordeaux, France). At present lives and works in Snezhinsk (Tchelyabinsk region).

At the "Odoevsky Gallery " exhibition are presented her works performed in different years ( from 90s till 2000) In general , Marina Kutyavina' s <script> might be divided into three plots.

The first plot dedicated to the human's earthly life, traces of his presence in this world is discovered through still lives, portraits and landscapes. Poetics of everyday being is built up with fine nuances, undertints of cool and warm colours.

The second plot is related to the existence of heaven beings, angels, ghosts, semi-mythological creatures. Traces of their presence are invisible and mysterious. In these works one can keenly perceive the author's heart excitement, her aspiration to penetrate into the world of ideal being.

The third plot is represented through abstract compositions. Here is an encounter and reunion of the earthly and the heavenly, the real and fantastic, the intuitive and the conscious things. Colour surfaces overlap each other like a fan's plates while mildly and smoothly obliterating the confines.

The artist's works are performed in techniques of pastel, gouache, water-colours and in mixed technique.

Marina Kutyavina's art is mild, poetic, romantic, covered with fleur of reminiscences and plentiful of artistic foresight. Gentleness, lightness and confidence are the main features of her artistic world which our exhibition welcomes you to.

"Odoevsky Gallery" and "Stadis" production firm
present a Lev Khabarov's exhibition
"Between the Earth and the Sky" Painting

20th of April - 6th of May, 2001

The actual exhibition represents a continuation of the vernissage series arranged by the gallery under title of "New names". Although Lev Khabarov is not a newcomer but a mature master of his characteristic painting hand-style, this is his first personal exhibition for the last 20 years of his creative life. Here are presented about 40 works made in different years which make possible to observe dynamics of Khabarov's artistic style development : from his late 80s' realistic works till neoimpressionism landscapes of the last year. Genre of landscape, as the artists says , gives him freedom to choose a motif, to express his feelings and emotions. The Urals landscape in Khabarov's paintings turns out to be a stream, an unrestrained power, a flow of energy rising from Earth to skies. All the composition elements happen to be involved in a continuos motion - tree branches heaving, waves rushing, clouds streaming in the sky. The artist's main instrument is pure bright colour viewed as relations of contrast and nuances. The artist "dabs" his impressions on the canvas so expressively, freely, emotionally as if "playing" with his brush. Lev Khabarov adds his own task - a global one in its extent - to those three tasks which anyone faces in life : this is to paint the space between Earth and sky. Spectators' task is then to see how much he has succeeded in this .

About the artist
Lev Leonidovich Khabarov
Born on 19th of August, 1950 in village of Klyuchevsk, Beryozovsky district, Sverdlovsk region. In 1968 he entered an Industrial art faculty at the Urals branch of Moscow Architectural institute. In 1973 graduated from Sverdlovsk Architectural Institute by speciality of artistic construction. In 1973 he worked with State bureau of machinery construction. In 1975 with the Urals branch of All-Union scientific and research institute of technical aesthetics. In 1977 - a deputy dean of public specialities' faculty at Urals timber technologies institute. Since 1978 worked as a teacher, and since 1984 as a director of Sverdlovsk P.P.Khozhataev evening art school. Since 1986 he is the manager of Experimental Art Association (EAA). In 1987 he became one of organisers of experimental art exhibitions ("Surikova, 31", 1987). Since 1995 he has been working as the manager of experimental teaching studio.

The "Odoevsky Gallery" "Echo of Moscow - Ekaterinburg"
"Stadis" firm present an exhibition of
paintings and graphic art by
Aleksandr Sukhikh

26th of February - 14th of March 2001

The present exhibition of paintings and graphic works by A.Sukhikh represents both the author's emotional expression and an invitation to take part in a dialogue. The exposition embraces landscapes of 90s dedicated to images of native nature as well as those created during travel to France in 2000. A.Sukhikh's graphic works are exhibited for the first time. These are portraits of friends, acquaintances and a self-portait. Using expressive strokes of brush, the author have caught individual features and unfolded a human character in these portraits. The "Allegory" performed in mixed technique ( distemper, gouache) possesses a philosophic implication. A.Sukhikh's landscapes might be classified as landscape-compassion. This kind of penetration into the state of Nature helps the painter to live inside the medium, to feel its plastics, composition and to create an inimitable image. Composition of Sukhikh's paintings are elastic, well-organised, deprived of any superfluous details. Interlacing of elements like water, earth, air and fire is in the focus of the painter's attention. Combination of warm and cool colours are well-balanced as ulta-marine involves ochre, rosy, yellow tints. Sukhikh "moulds" his creatures with liberate, energetic , jerky strokes. Mastership and professionalism of the artist can be clearly seen in his skillfull ability to reproduce the object's materiality, ponderability and the space's airiness and depth.
As Aleksandr Sukhikh says, his predestination is to bring people a joy .The present exhibition is the best corroboration of this noble and human mission of the artist.
Born on June 11th, 1958, in village of Palomish, Arkhangelsk region.
In 1977 graduated from a Restoration and construction college in Leningrad.
In 1991 graduated from Painting teaching department at Sverdlovsk Shadra Art college.
Member of Russian Union of Artists.
Winner at young artists competition for "Gallery" Company grant (Moscow) in 1997.
Participated in collective and personal exhibitions since 1985.
1994 - Exhibition of Realist artists’ society (MII Ekaterinburg), 1995 - "Urals Cinema Artists" Exhibition (MII Ekaterinburg). 1999 - "Seasons of a year" personal exhibition (House of Artists, Ekaterinburg). 2001 - " I and Paris" personal exhibition (House of Artists, Ekaterinburg). The exhibition is open every day from 11.00 till 18.30. Saturdays, Sundays: from 12.00 till 17.00. Address: Malisheva St., 71, tel: 55-20-68, 55-46-40,

The “Odoevsky Gallery “ presents an exhibition of works by
teachers of S.P.Dyagilev Lyceum - boarding school
(painting, graphic)
9th - 23rd of February, 2001

Within the art-project titled "Dyagilev Art Lyceum - 21st century" The exhibition of the lyceum leading teachers' works has been installed in the Gallery's halls. Among the participants were Vladimir Borodulin, Natalya Mikhailova-Pismak, Aleksey Bachurin, Svetlana Zverovich-Tustanovskaya, Valentina Ribyakova, Viktor Uryupin, Lyudmila Vasilyeva, Marina Naumova, Aleksandr Ponomaryov and Georgy Pismak, the Art Lyceum director.

The exhibited works ( over 30) represent various styles ( from realism to neoimpressionism), genres ( landscape, still life) and techniques ( painting, graphic). They reflect the creative aspiration of Ekaterinburg contemporary artists who successfully pass on their experience to the younger generation.

In spite of the performed diversity and polyphony the exhibition looks integral thanks to the high professional standard of exhibited works.

This is not a master- class or a report on work results, this is rather a rendez-vous exhibition, a talk-exhibition, for some to be the first meeting, for others a discovering of new facets of the Lyceum teachers' talents.

1979 - establishing of ¹ 2 Children boarding-school
1989 - 10th anniversary of the ¹2 Chidren boarding-school
Since 1991 some exhibitions of the students' works have been arranged abroad ( USA, Norway, Japan, Italy, France)
1993 - The Ekaterinburg Art Lyceum (¹2 CBS) was named in honour of S.P.Dyagilev.
1997 -"Now all together", an exhibition of the Lyceum students' works (Fine Arts museum, Ekaterinburg)
1998 an art-project titled "Five years of being named in honour of Dyagilev" (Centra House of Artists, Moscow)
1999 - a jubilee exhibition titled "20th anniversary of Dyagilev Lyceum" (EMMI, Vainera St., 11)

Exhibition of Sergey Sukhov and Yuri Buldanov
“Did not even notice to be gone far from home”

from 22.12.2000 till 07.01.2001

The world of landscape, infinite in its manifestation as it is observed by painters’ eyes, is displayed at the current exhibition in “Odoyevsky Gallery”.This is the first mutual project by Sergey Sukhov and Yuri Budanov. Despite different techniques the painters share common view on the opportunities concealed in water-colours and pástèl

and masterful command of these materials/ Melodies which sound in the works – gay, joyful and elated ones in Sukhov’s water-colours and soft ones full of lyricism in Budonov’s pástèl – harmoniously supplement each other/

Drawings by Sukhov have been created during his trips to Italy (Venice, Verona) and Povolzhye in summer 2000.

Sukhov’s landscapes are distinguished by masterful command of water-colours and distemper techniques, soundfull colourful palette, attempt to reproduce dramatic conflict between light and dark. The painter plays with conflicts and nuances alive in the nature as it exists.

Landscapes by Yuri Budanov are impressionistic by their nature/ The painters aspires to seize and then transmit the changeable state of nature ( an sudden start of rain, a blow of a fresh wind). His pástèl works have a velvety dead surface, colour spots imperceptibly overflow one into another.

This exhibition represents a sort of a farewell to the 20th century and a welcome to the new one.

Sergey Ivanovich Sukhov. Professor at the Urals State Architectural and artists academy. Born in 1952 in Ryazan. In 1972 Graduated from Sverdlovsk Architectural institute in1974. Among his teachers were famous painters like German Metelyov, Spartak Kiprin, Boris Volkov.Since 1974 he has been teaching at Painting and Drawing Chair in the Architectural Academy. Member of the Russian Artists union since 1982. Participant of All-Union, Russian and international exhibitions (USA, Canada, Germany, Italy).

Yuri Aleksandrovich Budanov. Born in 1952 in town of Volchansk, Sverdlovsk region. Graduated from Shadra Sverdlovsk Artists college, Industrial drawing department. Member of Artists union since 1983. At present he heads “U-studio” company. Participant of Russian and international exhibitions. His works are stored in placard museums in various countries (Japan, France, Germany, Poland, Finland) and in private collections.

The Gallery address: Malisheva St., 71. Tel: 55-20-68.

The exhibition is open everyday from 11 a.m. till 7 p.m.


“The Odoyevsky Gallery”presents exhibition of paintings by Sergey Fedoseyev ( Miass city) “Pictorial Farce”

1st of December, 2000

Personal exhibition by painter Sergey Fedoseyev is being held in Ekaterinburg for the first time. It represents nearly 30 works. They unite stylish components of surrealism, “theatricality” of neobarocco, elements of pop-art, citations from classical art and pictorial metaphors found by the author.

The painter focuses on modern life where controversies interlace with paradoxes .Comprehending of life bears phantasmagoric interpretations which are displayed on the canvas surface. As a result, the painter creates paintings which remind of sensitive dreams; here also co-exist ununitable – real and illusory, true and mythical, comprehensible and mystical.

The “Pictorial Farce” by S.Fedoseyev is full of current, sometimes arbitrary images impossible in reality, and of mixed-up, twisted and inverted forms. One’s stare is likely attracted into a labyrinth of mystification and insolvable puzzles. In order to incarnate his view on the world the painter synthesizes smooth accurate painting manner with abstract-conditional one while using complicated combinations of mixed and open colors.

About the painter.

Fedoseyev Sergey Vladimirivich was born in town of Zlatoust in 1962.
In 1984 he graduated from Tchelyabinsk arts college.
Since 1991 he has been participating in exhibitions.
At present he lives and works in Miass city.
The exhibition’s open from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m., day-off – Sunday.
The Gallery’s address: Ekaterinburg city, Malisheva st.,71 Tel: 55-20-68

“The Odoyevsky Gallery” “Echo Moscow” Radio station present art-project by Aleksandr Voronov “Paws, wings, three tails” (Painting)

26.10.00 – 15.11.00

The exhibition represents an original picturesque fantasy on ecology, live nature, infinitely varied world of flora and fauna by designer and painter Aleksandr Voronov. Thirty paintings (canvas, oil) created by Voronov (1997 – 2000) form the basis of the present exposition. Each work is significant in itself and harmoniously inscribed in the whole space of exhibition. As for their style, the works of Aleksandr Voronov are close to lyric abstractionism which is characterized by floating pulsing forms, twinkling colors, and dynamic compositions which are close to post-modern aesthetics. The painter inserts a really existing animal into a dynamic flow of lines, color spots, ornament and thus creates his own mythology of animals correlated with individual notions and sensations. The artistic images of animals and plants are growing, multiplying, bursting forth out of colorful chaos while acquiring clear outlines, thus mimicking the nature itself. These images always have incompletion, something unexpressed, a mystery, so that they let the spectators’ imagination and fantasy outburst with delight. According to the painter’s own words, his paintings are just a freak with a spectator and with himself. The term “ecology” in the context of the present exhibition acquires a new sounding. Ecology here is not just a system of interrelations between animals, plants, microorganisms and environment. As the painter, Aleksandr Voronov considers ecology as a definite interaction between natural purity and purity of colors in his paintings.

About the painter.

Born on May 26th, 1972 in town of Novouralsk. Studied in Shadra art college. Graduated from the Urals Architecture and Art academy, chair DPI. The painter’s works are placed in private collections Finland, Denmark, Germany, United Arab Emirates and in Moscow, St.-Petersburg and Ekaterinburg as well.

“The Odoyevsky Gallery” presents the art-project by Vladimir Ganzin “Multifigurative shield” ( paper, water-colors, acryl, pencil)

06.10.2000 – 20.10.2000

The exposition embraces works by Vladimir Ganzin made during recent years (1997 – 2000)/The project includes several separately developing lines . These lines differ in purpose, in plastic approach, in degree of absurdity and of “exquisite perversity”.

This art-project is intermediate, continuous in time (as the exhibition will present new creations”/ It allows one to appreciate one or another stylish lines, to compare them/ The Ganzin’s works contain nothing neither real nor inverted. It’s rather a dream, brilliant and strange, a virtual world into which we plunged by the artist.

The exhibition’s title is metaphoric as it conceals a latent meaning. According to the artist’s own words, the multifigurative shield represents a joint, an alloy, an interlacing of images while the shield represents a reflection of art in our life.

As a post-modern and “citation anachronist” Vladimir Ganzin in his works appeals to either antique myth or biblical story, or the masterpieces of the past converting everything into a ironical freak with spectaculars.

Alexander Yudkin, "In the Shell of Twilight and Day" (painting, drawing)

Sep, 8-30, 2000

 The particular image world opens for the sight of onlooker in the personal exhibition of painting and drawing works of Alexander Yudkin. This is the world of mysterious characters, marionette people with absent sights and aimless movements are hanging by invisible threads in fantastic interiors. Contrasting color combination, broken shapes, dynamic diagonals, image tragedy - all of them draw the pictures of Yudkin towards the traditions of the German expressionism. The works of 90s ("Symptom", "Feeding Night Odors" etc) mirrored the inner conflict of the artist and surrounding fierce environment. The work "In the Shell of Twilight and Day" naming the whole exhibition uncovers the drama of the modern situation, when private relations between persons grows up to strictly business relations and the separate person finds himself in the shell of unawareness, alienation and loneliness. However you can hear in this work optimistic sounds, because twilight and night cold will be changed by day light, so we can hope to the best. Alexander Yudkin was born in 1949, in 1977 graduated the Architecture Institute of Sverdlovsk. Since 1983 he takes part in exhibitions. He started as drawing painter, turned to various materials (gouache, ink, watercolor) and various art systems (from ancient Russian icons to traditional Chinese ink painting). Later he came to painting and tried to find here his individual hand, his own style.


"City View"

Aug,18 - Sep,1, 2000

This exhibition continues the series of the genre expositions arranges by the Gallery. Painting and drawing works demonstrate to the onlooker examples of direct appeal to the genre as well as the creative approach of the artists to the very subject. The exhibition layout contains more than 30 works of the artists belonging to the different generations from such acknowledged maitres as N.G.Zasypkin, A.A.Kazantsev, V.N.Dobrovolsky to the young authors approaching boldly to the points of art practice. Those are the artists Alyona Azernaya gravitating towards the ethnic style, taleteller Alexey Ryzhkov, avant-gardist Vadim Ankutdinov. The style diversification of the artworks imparts the bright and vivid mode to the exhibition. The space layout of the exhibition arranged with combination of realistic works (such as landscapes of Alexey Yefremov or Valery Mozhayev) and expressive improvisations on the subject of city view (Andrey Yeletsky, Sergey Laushkin and Vladimir Ganzin). The artist id free in choosing the image motif - quiet side street of Yekaterinburg, fairy lights of the night Paris or the distant Sharj through the floods of blue rain. The main point is the way to catch mood and to fetch it to onlooker, while transforming reality in accordance with the art design. The decorative plates painted by Oleg Bukharov show the unusual approach to the subject of city view. The "City View" exhibition illustrates luckily the concept of the Gallery aspiring to display the panorama of the modern art as fully as it can.

"Outdoors Sculpture Show"

Aug, 19, 2000

 The place of the unusual for our city "Outdoors Sculpture Show" became the ground in front of the Odoyevsky Gallery. The onlooker visiting the exhibition could get acquainted with the works of the sculptors of Yekaterinburg, represented their variations for moral and plastic enrichment of the city environment. 11 sculptors took part in the exhibition: A.G.Antonov ("Daydreamer"), L.I.Kruzhalova ("Vase"), L.V.Puzakov ("Eve", "Decorative Figure"), V.F.Krivushin ("Mistress of Fire"), O.N.Mudrova ("Forest Fairy"), V.S.Sokolova ("Full Moon", "Aphrodite") and the authors team - O.I.Bredikhin, A.A.Kisler and E.M.Potamoshnev - representing the composition of ironical mood "Homo Technicus". All exhibit is performed of various materials (plaster cast, ceramic, metal, stone) and are installed organicaally in the general space composition. "Lived-in" and plastically saturated park ground made the air of animation and festival and became the real gift for the Yekaterinburg people in the day of city.


Andrey Yeletsky, "Desire Reflection"

Aug, 2-16, 2000

 This exhibition collects the Yeletsky's artworks of the last two years, this is the bright improvisation, sonorous spectacle of colors and emotions. The works of Yeletsky demonstrate, on the one side, appeal to the European art traditions, to the achievements of the maitres of the past (Van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso), and on the other side, this is reflection of artist's own point of view, of his feelings, thoughts and wishes. The keen sense of color, vivid fantasy, original composition makes the works of artist-musician (as one person) Andrey Yeletsky attractive for onlookers. The artist was born in Revda in 1952. Graduated the P.I.Chaikovsky musical school and the Musorgsky Ural conservatoire. In the age of 37 started painting seriously. The member of the Professional and Creative Artists and Graphists of UNESCO. Five personal exhibitions and participation in team exhibitions in Russia and abroad (Netherlands, France, Italy).


 Valery Boytsov, "Feelings"

Jun,8 - Jul,8, 2000

This is the first exhibition of Valery Boytsov - the member of the Artists Union of Russia and the member of the Artists Guild of Germany. Displayed are the landscape and still life pictures from various years, but the whole exhibition is not of retrospective nature. The common sense, own point of view and the author's mode of presentation unite the works. After graduation of the art school in Sverdlovsk in 1968, the artist works with various techniques and genres of fine art: mosaics, monumental wall paintings, watercolors and drawing. But the landscape made on the open air and conserving the primary feeling of nature allures the artist most of all. On the one side, this is some sort of air-vent allowing to go away from touching everyday social problems, some sort of escaping the reality, and on the other side, essentially, this is some sort of meditation allowing to feel participation to upper relations between Cosmos and Human Being. The landscapes of Boytsov are monumental, laconic, severe and romantic. Besides they are traditional as regards to continuation of tendencies of the Ural landscape art school. You can catch there shrill and clear landscapes of Mosin, ponderable and monumental works of Burak and the other features specific to Ural's painters. This is not adoption, but the continuation of traditions going from inner need, the continuation determined by unity of place and time.

Elena Gladysheva, "Hagiography"

Mar,17 - Apr,3, 2000

Anna Meteleva & Alyona Azernaya, "Aeronautics"

May,16 - Jun,6, 2000

 The exhibition consists of two interlaced and mutually supplementing lines. The first is fairy, metaphor, woodcut and festival by colors and mood from Alyona Azernaya - the artist gravitates towards the ethnic style and people's art. The second is realistic, nostalgia to the times of the first aeronauts at the beginning of XX century - from Anna Meteleva. According to the authors, the main subject of artworks of Alyona Azernaya is flights in dreams, fantasy, and only wish to fly. And in the pictures of Anna Meteleva there is achievement of dream, when many types of aircraft from the Icar's wings to dirigible lift up human beings. The exhibition scenery was some sort of aircraft's items hovering under the ceilings of gallery halls, bringing life to the exposition and attached there dynamics, volume, uncommonness and pungency.

Svetlana Zverovich-Tustanovskaya, "Time inertia"

Feb, 16-26, 2000

Igor Shurov, "202000"

Mar,1-14, 2000 

The exhibition of works is an original chronology of the creative life of the artist from the soc-art of 80s (triptych "Mentality") to the landscape realism of 90s (the series of water colors "Chusovaya River", "Chapel"). This exhibition returns us to the time of the opposition of official and unofficial art, to the time of existence of the underground art union "Surikova, 31", where Shurov was one of the members. There is the work of this period in the exhibition - "Honduras worries me". The watercolors with fuzzy, a little fantastic landscapes opened another plane of the artist's gift. "202000" is a symbolic name of the point coordinates where runs the movement vector of thoughts, feelings and brush of the artist. Igor Shurov was born in Serov city (Sverdlovsk province) in 1952. 1960-1977 school, army, high school. Since 1980 he has the diploma of scenery artist. Since 1987 he takes part in exhibitions. His works are in private collections and galleries in Russia, USA, Denmark, Italy and Israel. 

Portrait (painting, drawing, sculpture)

Jan,25 - Feb,14, 2000 

The third in the series of genre exhibitions collected more than 60 works of 30 leading authors from the maitres of genre - Dyachkov, Necheukhin, Voinkov - to the next generation artists - Metelev, Alexeyev-Svinkin, Filonenko, Laushkin, Ankutdinov. The exposition contains portraits, that could be divided by nature into two groups: portraits in full dress (made to order) and chamber portrait (psychological). The modern psychological portrait is widely represented in the exhibition and in contradiction combines attention to the inner world of model and subjective look of artist at him (Laushkin, Sukhikh). The portraits in full dress are notable by skill, attention to formal resemblance to model, detail receiving accuracy and face entourage. This exhibition became saturated, full of planes, displaying many styles from realism to pop art, full of contrast and thereby interesting and actual for today's onlooker.  

"Spirit of the Times" (painting, drawing, sculpture)

Dec, 24, 1999 - Jan, 23, 2000 

This exhibition was arranged in two sequential phases: the first of 50-70s and the second of 80-90s. It displayed nearly semi-centennial way of the fine arts' development in Sverdlovsk-Yekaterinburg. In the creation if this exhibition took part the Artists' Union of Yekaterinburg, the Art school b/n Shadr, the Fine Arts Museum of Yekaterinburg, the chair of arts history of the Ural State University. This exposition was of unique type, because firstly such an art retrospection is lacking in our municipal museums, and secondly the same idea of reconstruction of spirit of the times and speculation on the future of domestic fine arts. The level of the exhibition determined by its members, their names conveys in itself: the People's Artists of USSR and Russia Shirokov, Simonov, Gudin, the Honored Artists of Russia Chesnokov, Valovich, Bushuyev, known at home and abroad Brusilovski, Metelev, Alexeyev-Svinkin, Tarasova, Kalashnikov, Filonenko, Gumennykh, Kazantsev, Sukhov, Bryukhanov, Zuyev and many others. Walking from one hall to another, the onlooker could imagine development of fine arts in our country in its style diversity from Stalin's "neoclassicism" of 50s through "severe realism" of 60s till metaphoric art of 70s and post-modern settings of 80s, when the most different modes and ways of artists' self-expression (so called "school of pluralism") could stay side by side. The mankind on the threshold of the third millenium looks back to the past and looks forward to the future with fear and hope. What does it wait for us in that new, uneasy and in the time being vague world and what place will be allotted there for art and artists? Time can answer these questions. It became already clear how much art, emotional and intellectual legacy do we possess. We hope that the year 2000 will be marked the large exhibitions dedicated to the development history of the domestic fine arts, that short summary became this exhibition "Spirit of the Times". 


Pyotr & Lyudmila Klimenko, "Subject expansion"

Dec, 7-19, 1999 

The artists from Pervouralsk exposed in the exhibition either joint or separate works. This art show absorbed various styles from grotesque and avant-garde compositions ("Big-nosed" series) till realistic landscapes and still life pictures, and various techniques from traditional oil-paints till authorized techniques (paper of manual casting, assembleage), as well as various emotions from enthusiastic movements till meditative contemplation. This kaleidoscope of artworks demonstrated the success of their talented alliance supposing development of creative motives. 

Alexey Ryzhkov, "Yekaterinburg of mine"

Nov, 27 - Dec, 5, 1999 

The exhibition of Alexey Ryzhkov is dedicated to Yekaterinburg city, the artist creates his own myth about the portrayed city. Those are 35 city views made by gouache painting. Yekaterinburg of Ryzhkov is special and unbelievably beautiful city living its own life. Sometimes it pretends rainy London or crazy New York or fairy Kobenhaven. By the definition of the art science, Ryzhkov's style is "provincial grotesque". The distinctive feature of his art technique became apparent in his ability to see something unusual, strange and special making us to see the world by another eyes, in our places, streets and houses, ordinary and familiar to the innermost of heart. On the paintings of Ryzhkov, the old Yekaterinburg returns to living with its patriarchal way of life (Malakhov's hose, merchants' mansions along the Kuybyshev Street). The old city is beautiful even in its desolation, poeticized by the artist's fantasy, as if it reminds of the transience of life. 

Alexander Alexeyev-Svinkin, "The Last…"

Nov, 2-14, 1999 


Nov, 15-25, 1999 

The suggested landscape exhibition demonstrates the large scale of art experiments within the boundaries of the genre. The exhibitions contains more than 50 works of modern artists of Yekaterinburg, including the acknowledged skilled workmen (Tarasova, Sukhov, Boytsov) as well as the artists showed their talent for painting equally (Alexeyev-Svinkin, Vishnya, Laushkin, Borodulin etc). The modern landscape painting exists in touch with the world art traditions allowing selecting images and technique consonant to an artist. Hence there are riches of picturesque associations, diversity of motifs and techniques as well as polyphony of the exposed artworks. The landscape in the artists' works is like a window to another world - fantastic, fairy or real (Venetian canals, side streets in Yekaterinburg, rain in Chusovoye village), but full of its creator's energy and therefore splendid. 

Sergey Sukhov, "Mosaic in water colors"

Oct, 15-29, 1999 

In the exhibition exposed about 50 works made in the water colors technique, bordering upon painting and drawing at the same time. The main part is the landscapes made during the travel to Caucasus (Pitsunda) and along Volga ("Stretch" series). Guided by the experience of the previous exhibition, the artist represented an extended collection, demonstrated his new advances in the water colors technique. Transforming the reality, the artist creates images of nature full of lyricism. Sergey Ivanovich Sukhov was born in 1952 in Ryazan. 1974 - The Architecture Institute in Sverdlovsk. Since 1975 he teaches here in the chair of painting. Since 1977 he is member of city, regional, zonal and All-Union exhibitions. Since 1983 he is the member of the Artist Union of Russia. His works are stored in the state museums (Yekaterinburg) and private collections of Russia, USA, Finland and Germany. His first personal exhibition took place in 1998. 

"Still life"

Sep, 24- Oct, 14, 1999 

The exhibition "Still Life" is the first genre-oriented displays taken by the Gallery. The main concept of the exhibition consists in displaying diversification of styles and tendencies existing today within the bounds of the genre. More than 40 artists of Yekaterinburg (Sazhayev, Filonenko, Alexeyev-Svinkin, Laushkin etc) exposed their works made in different technique and materials (painting, drawing, tapestry, enamel) mirroring all the scale of tastes and preferences. Despite its diversification and polyphony, the exhibition became surprisingly whole-hearted because of high professional level of the works and their individuality. Here can you find the works in the style of "small Hollanders" taking away to the world of quiet life of things, as well as the realistic art and sophisticated compositions full of signs. This exhibition showed obviously the brisk interest for still life pictures of modern artists and onlookers in Yekaterinburg, it made us to look on surrounding customary things by new eyes. 

Vladimir Borodulin

Sep, 7-14, 1999

Victor Vinokurov

Sep,14 - 23, 1999 

Fantasy subjects, rainbow of colors, spirited expressive drawing, vivid and dynamic brush-strokes characterize the pictures of Vladimir Vinokurov exposed in the exhibition. Technique shortcoming, anatomical abnormality comes to background, remaining is only inexplicable charm of "naive art". The artist makes his own simple, clear and clean world in contrast to grave problems of reality. The exhibition is divided into three subject lines. The first is myth, it is artist's reference to antic myths ("Leda") or to pagan motifs ("The Two, Sunset") or to Bible subjects ("Adam in the Paradise"). The second is folklore woodcuts: wooden huts, toys from Dymkov, balalaika, rowan and birch, people outings ("Woman and cat", "Fall Bunch"). The main colors in the palette are red and yellow, they "burn" the coloring of pictures. The third is city view. The image of our city arises realistic, tempered and romanced by the "new perception". The artistic world of Victor Vinokurov is polychromatic and sonorous, radiating energy of love and goodness. Victor Vinokurov graduated Khujatelev's art-studio in Yekaterinburg. His artworks have been exposed since 1992. Annual personal exhibitions in the Art Workers' House. Collectors in the city including Eugene Roizman purchase more than 50 works. The known artists in Yekaterinburg (such as Brusilovski, Metelev) appreciate the works of Vinokurov at their true value. 

Art exhibition of Nikolay Vasilyevich Sitnikov (1910-1993)

Aug, 30 - Sep, 6, 1999 

The nature of this art exhibition is retrospective: exposed are scenery sketches, suits, studies, still life pictures of various periods. The theater works of Sitnikov showed the artist's skill for combining authenticity of life experience with enchanting technique. The leading hand of scenery sketches for such operas as "Snegurochka", "Boris Godunov", "Carmen" is assumed to color as symbol awakening in onlooker accurate associations. Besides the works for theater, onlooker could get acquainted with the other planes of Sotnikov's talent for painting in landscape sketches ("Whirlpool", "Birches Grove", "Old House" and so on) and in still life pictures ("Lilac"). Nikolay Vasilyevich Sitnikiv was born in 1910 in Yekaterinburg city in railroad worker's family. He graduated the art school for painting and drawing in 1926. He continued the education in Moscow workers' faculty (1927-1930) and in the scenery painting faculty of the Art Academy in Leningrad. He returned to Yekaterinburg in 1943 and started fruitfully working for the municipal theaters: the opera and ballet theater, the musical comedy theater and the puppet theater. Sitnikov designed about 150 performances in the theaters of Sverdlovsk, Ufa and Kazan. He has been awarded of the People Artist of Russia in 1973. 

"Seven artists of Yekaterinburg"

July-August 1999

This art exhibition allowed seeing pictorial and graphic works went down to the album of the same name. The exhibition principants are the well known artists of the city: Vitaly Volovich, German Metelev, Alexander Alexeyev-Svinkin - the governor prize winners 1998-1999, as well as Vladimir Chursin, Yury Filonenko, Olga Shtukaturova, Mikhail Sazhayev. All of them are the members of the Russia Artists Union, their artworks became a part of various domestic and foreign museum collections. All the exposed works are wholly the brilliant palette of the art life in Yekaterinburg.


Alexander Alexeyev-Svinkin - is the talented original artist whose pictorial style may be named conditionally "fairy realism". His dream of Happiness, Kindness and Beauty has been mirrored in such works as "Sirin - Bird of Paradise", 'Picnic Table" and "A.S.Pushkin". The graphic series "Medieval Mystery" of Vitaly Volovich absorbed the splendid skill of the author as well as the dimensions of his thoughts and feelings. The works of German Metelev showed his world outlook and speculations on life, art, history and human lot. His pictures "Four Riders" and "Golgotha" are the peculiar parables or metaphors that showed eternal and common to all mankind thoughts and feelings in expressive forms and tense spectrums. The pictures of Yury Filonenko are filled with fantastic images. This is some sort of mirage that has combined dreams and reality. It can be strikingly proved to be true by such works as "The Dog Sitting By the Canvas Edge", "Shaitanka Heat", "Mother Fish" and so on. The heroes live in their own dimension where the space is a fantasy haze stroked through by color sparkles - surrounding and enveloping the things. The art of Vladimir Churkin is filled of the feeling of life fullness and energy. The artist transforms the life into fairy, immerses the onlooker into the mystery atmosphere ("Illusion") or funny parody ("Elisabeth Vorontsova with Alexander Pushkin") or antic myth ("Pygmalion and Galathy"). In the exhibition you can also see the artworks of Mikhail Sazhayev - the landscapes "January 1, 10:00 am", "Schoolboys Spring (Easter)". Victor Astafiev defined his style as "soft sur", where "sur" means fairy, parable, fable. Olga Shtukaturova is not an ordinary artist, she applies to the past in her works. She is interested in a moment of transformation, air of fair or carnival or farce or Punch-n-Judy show or people festival ("Russian festivals" series). The courteous 18th century - the century of wigs and powder - grows from the pictures of pearl color. Those are pictures of memoirs, dreams of the past, signs if time ("Clock"). 

The seven in numerology symbolizes the mystery of existence as well as the way to cognition of truth. So our artists submitted the own mode of perception the world, of penetration into its mysteries and secrets through color, shape and creation. 

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