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Eli Talberg

Tikkun ha-Berit

View of the Torah on Sexual Development of a Man

Translation from Russian by Daniel Alievsky
Corrected by Lucas Orner

The book is published with the kind permission of the author
The original site of Tikkun ha-Berit

In the Jewish Kabbalistic literature “Tikkun ha-Berit”is the bringing of male sexuality to perfection. You may ask, "Do the Jewish sages devote the same attention to female sexuality?" Answer: to a much lesser degree. Why such “inequality?” As the sages say, it is due to the greater proximity of women to perfection. A man needs to work more on himself to restrain his sexual impulses." Maybe, for this reason, the Jewish covenant of circumcision applies to men only.

The modern human has an ability to look at the subject of sexuality through the prism of physiology, psychology, or teachings of the East. There are individual pieces of the Truth in each approach, but the advice of their representatives often contradict one another. Obviously an integrated complex approach is necessary to most effectively help a person to cope with their problems.

A complex approach is impossible without an understanding of God, because he is God, the Author of man's body, and his soul, and his morals. Especially in the Torah, teachings based on divine revelation are found showing a system in which all aspects of human life fit organically.

Developed on the basis of a complex approach based on the Torah, Tikkun ha-Berit includes, first of all, proper sex education for a teenager, as well as the harmonization of intimate relationships in family life.


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“Tikkun ha-Berit” in a single page

Tishri 5770

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