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Elena Lisina

Elena Lisina is a designer, the member of the Union of Designers of Russia since 1988, since 1989 makes unique, one-of-a-kind cloth dolls, the member of British Doll Artists Association ( BDA ).

Elena Lisina collects dolls since 1989 and exhibit them. In 1997, on the Convention of the United Federation of Doll Clubs (UFDC) in Los-Angeles, Elena was awarded "The Award of Excellence" for the "Exhibit of Dolls".

Since 1992 Elena Lisina's dolls collection is exhibited in the Museum of Ural's Writers of Ekaterinburg, Elena also organizes doll exhibits in the other towns - Tumen, Rezh and etc.

In the process of collaboration with the Museum of the Ural's Writers the unique form of a Doll museum was found - the combination of doll exhibit with literary themes that makes exhibits more educational, informative. The exhibits that lasted for 1 year each, had such themes: "Dolls in Russian & foreign Fairy Tales", "Russian Toys", "The Nutcracker and the Doll Kingdom", "Tales for Alyonushka" and etc. made the acquaintance not only with doll history, but with literature, tales as well.

The collaboration goes well, we have a lot of new plans & ideas, but the building needs the reconstruction that will cost us about $10.000 -for better conditions for our visitors (we have 1.000 visitors per month) who visit our museum with a great pleasure, for exhibits and museum's workers.

Every year we organize the children's contests of handmade dolts & toys, the themes were: "My Favorite Literary Hero", "Doll as a Literary Character". To award the winners, the youngest participants we need good prizes! All interested are welcomed and will be highly appreciated!!!

  Phone: (3432) 32-11-86

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