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 Mylena Nesterenko

Mylena Nesterenko was born in Yekaterinburg, graduated from the artistic graphics faculty of Teachers Training institute in NT ,works in plain, relief and volume gobelin techniques.
Her textile fabrics can be divided into two groups of work of art. Decorative works of Art Nouveau style comprise the first one. These works of art are related to Munkue` and Vrubel` objets d'art. An environment`s movement always presents in Mylena`s gobelins. She allegorize the space as an element which objectifys welter. Every new work by Mylena is a horizons overcoming and a new spiritual outlook detection.
A time, falling down in Window` View (4 parts).
Easy highlights of the Ocean in Cradle triptych.
Vertical ornament, coming both up and down in diptych Evening in the Willows.
Enticing sky light in Feeling Fly diptych.
A flame of human glory, exulting in the dark of Triumph diptych.
Indiscernible and fantastic air moving in The Light, Blowing by the Wind gobelin.
Thin lyric poetry in elegant Fidget.
Exalted awe of speechless biding in still life Marriage Favours.
Drama of devoted temptation in textile installation Eve.
Bifronted anima of cosmos in monumental volume contexturen Black and White.
Audacious try of creative self-expression originates the second group of works performed in abstract expressionism style. These artworks are related to Pacific School by spirit in aesthetic meaning. Looking for a universal origin and appeal to cosmogony problems conduced Mylena to the way of a creative experiment.
Time and space are combined into ensemble emotional feeling of persistent enclosed and disbanded lines transformation in Shaggy Cosmos volume gobelin. In this ideal environment a sisal sounds in a special way, which realizes animate beginning presence in associative way.
A volume gobelin Rah, a God of the Sun is an attempt of moving from abstract symbolism to historical and cultural Cosmos personification in the oldest Egyptian God character. This artwork presents itself a triple composition. The God exists as an inconceivable, absentee origination in it. Disparting track of leaved God unites white luminous spot. Mylena succeed in telling a thing felling of shot and tender touching the great and terrible God in this monumental large-size artwork. The fourth element` presence (a brazen bell) emphasizes an actable interactive basic idea of Rah, a God of the Sun, lowing tactfully a spiritual pathos of the artwork.
Artworks by Mylena has a forceful vital beginning and a major key, celebrating a victory. Author`s collection includes subjective works for home interior. Also it has monumental representative ones for offices. There are anniversary, festive, symbolizing success artworks, for example, Golden Branch Red Forest, Antiar.
Following the way, pointed by Lursah, Mylena has created her own style in decorative textile. She never duplicate works what belongs to others, illustrate literature, don`t aim to realism. She creates all-sufficient textile things. Her gobelins bring keen impressions and intense feelings of a lovely, talented women to the environment.

The Light, Blowing by the Wind, 17580

  .  .
"Evening in the Willows"(diptych) Left part. 5680
  .  .
"Evening in the Willows"(diptych) Right part. 5680
Eve(volume gobelin), Golden  Branch
Eve(volume gobelin) 90cm, Golden Branch 80x80
Triumph (diptych)
Triumph (diptych) 12560
Triumph (diptych)
Triumph (diptych) 12560
Eve (fragment)
Eve (fragment) 90cm

 "Cradle" (triptych) 9090 2(9045)

Fidget 8065
Feeling Fly(diptych) 2(8045)
"Feeling Fly"(diptych) 2(8045)

Marriage Flavours 8060
"Marriage Flavours" 8065
Rah, a God of the Sun(volume gobelin)150200 (fragment)
Rah, a God of the Sun( volume gobelin)150200 (fragment)
Rah, a God of the Sun(volume gobelin)150200 (fragment)
Rah, a God of the Sun( volume gobelin) 150200 (fragment)
Rah, a God of the Sun(volume gobelin)150200
Rah, a God of the Sun(volume gobelin) 150200
Window View 6060 (left part)
Window View 6060 (left part)
Window View 4(6060)
Window View 4(6060)
Window View 6060 (right part)
Window View 6060 (right part)
Shaggy Cosmos (volume gobelin)	12090
Shaggy Cosmos (volume gobelin) 12090
Shaggy Cosmos (volume gobelin)12090(fragment)
Shaggy Cosmos (volume gobelin)12090
Black and White (volume gobelin)170140
Black and White (volume gobelin)170140 (white side)

Black and White (volume gobelin)170140


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