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The Studio's main activities are design and small quantity production of jersey and sewing articles.

Design Studio "T" is one of a few Ekaterinburg companies which are successful in the production of ready-made clothes. Studio's main activities are design and production of business suits and a wide variety of other clothes made of fashionable, soft and elastic jersey.

Design Studio "T" started five years ago in plant premises with cheap sewing machines. With constant renewals of our clothes collections we meet the requirements and evolve gradually . Due to our talented designers Tatiana Nekrich and Lidia Orlova and other experts we succeed in getting Russian world of fashion. Being called the producers of a " new wave " we hope we will cope with the situation and we will survive.

Studio's output meets the growing public demands. Jersey suits are sold in the best shops of Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Tumen and others. Our designers' collections were prize-winners ofLamanova competitions which took place in Zaitsev's Fashion House in Moscow.

Now Nekrich and Orlova are working at their new collection "Spring-Summer 99".

Models of Tatiana Nekrich

Tatiana Nekritch - Member of the Russian Designers’ Union.

Graduated from the Sverdlovsk Architectural Institute, specialization - Architecture. 1982 - 1995 Models’ Designer of the Sverdlovsk (Ekaterinburg) Fashion House.

As from 1994 - Member of the teaching staff of the Fashion Design Department of the Urals’ Architectural and Artistic Academy. At present involved in creating models of theatre and variety-show fancy-dresses and practicing computer - aided design. The presented to your attention garment collections are the fruit of a four-year cooperation with DESIGN STUDIO-T.

Models of Lidia Orlova

Lidia Orlova - Member of the Russian Designers’ Union.

Graduated from Moscow Textile institute, specialization - Fashion designer. 1984 - 1991 Models’ Designer of the Sverdlovsk (Ekaterinburg) Fashion House. From 1994 she started to teach composition course at Fashion Design Chair of Urals Academy of Architecture and Art.  

"Design Studio T" Ltd. Russia

620014, Ekaterinburg 26, The eighth of March street

Telephone : (3432) 42 -88-33 Telephone / Fax.: (3432) 74-41-50

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