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Masha Vedernikova


Masha Vedernikova.
Born in Ekaterinburg. Received the all-round education (including conservatory, polytechnic Institute, and University). From 1994 is seriously engaged in the clothes modeling. From 1997she was trained at the Popi Moreni Fashion House, Paris. From 1994 eighteen collections of costumes were created (55-122 costumes in every collection). Two costume expositions were performed in the Ural Museum of Regional Studies, the costumes were designed for five ballet plays of the Modern Dance Theatre, for the municipal Ballet Theatre, for the Russian folk chorus, and for the chorus of the Ural State Childrens Philharmonics.

Masha Vedernikova is the organizer and the jury member for the Young Girl of Fashion childrens competition.
She is also and the laureate and was awarded with diplomas of the Week of Russian Fashion (1997-1999). The jewelry items collection The Smell of a Woman by Masha Vedernikova did receive the prize on the Star Podium in Saint Petersburg in 1998. In the fall of 1999 the artist participated Riga Modes Assambleja99 in two nominations The Look and The Wave.

In September 1999 Masha did open her departments in five stores of Ekaterinburg. Masha Vedernikova is not only the modeler, but she is also the constructor and the technologist for her own developments. She prefers working with thin, plastic, and expensive materials. The major ones of them are:
- knitted wear (woven and hand made);
- silks, decorated by hand; and velvets;
- thin leather, manufactured in Italy;
- Semi-precious gems and threads, that are used in making footwear, jewelry and bags

Refinement can not be cheap, so, the favorite job for Masha Vedernikova is sewing the one- and two-sided fur coats and tanned fur coats from the furs of Toscane sheep and llamas. These goods are sewn manually with the use the decorative seams. Cutting and fur selection are performed by Masha Vedernikova herself. Besides the quality, the requirements from Masha include the maximal plasticity and lightness of the ready article.

"Mono" Collection,  at The Opera Theatre. 1999, 6th of December

"Visits" " " "  Collection,  at The Actor's Palace. 2000, 26th of February

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