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 Elena Podkorytova 

Elena Vladimirovna Podkorytova

Graduated the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of the Ural State University

Oct. 3, 2000 - Oct. 24, 2000 - personal exhibition "Whole life of a Woman" in a House of Peace and Friendship.

The "Place under the Sun" exhibition took place in "Aegis" Gallery (Sverdlovsk State Academic Philarmony Building, Ekaterinburg) from  Nov. 14 till Dec.11

From April 3, 2003  - the "O Sole Mio" exhibition ("Aegis" Gallery - Sverdlovsk State Academic Philarmony Building, Ekaterinburg).

Jan 13 - Feb 14, 2004. Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts - "Ebullience" erotic project.

From January 19, 2005  - the "Venice dell'arte" exhibition ("Aegis" Gallery - Sverdlovsk State Academic Philarmony Building, Ekaterinburg).

August 1 - August 16, 2005. Personal exhibition "Reflection of the Feelings", Bellaria (Italy).

March, 2006  - the "Favourites and Minions" exhibition ("Aegis" Gallery - Sverdlovsk State Academic Philarmony Building, Ekaterinburg).

"Varnishing Day" 2000 canvas, oil 78,5x98
"Asters" 2000 Canvas, oil 35x55
"Relativity" 2002 canvas, oil 78,5x98
"House". 2000. Canvas, oil. 55x35
"Self-portrait" 2000, canvas, oil 32x32
"For Christmas" 2000 cardboard, oil 25x35
"Sakko and Vanzetti 23" 2000 canvas, oil 40,2x50,8
"Three portraits" 2000 canvas, oil 80x60,2
"Deluge" 40x50.
"Winter Day" 2000 canvas, oil 55x35
"Tsarskiy Bridge" 2000 Canvas, oil 34,8x25,4
"Night Streetlights" 2000 cardboard, oil 25x35
"Kind Lion" 2000 canvas, oil 55x60
"Je t'aime", canvas, oil, 90x60, 2003
"Venice", canvas, oil, 51x60, 2004
Pink Venice
"Pink Venice", canvas, oil, 50x60, 2005
"After Rain" 2000 canvas, oil 22,2x42,2
"Pink Cat" cardboard, oil 39,4x50,6
"Still life about love", canvas, oil 50x60. 02.2001
"Agnes Sorelle", canvas, oil, 50x60, 2006
"Pelmeni with vodka" 35x46, canvas, oil, 2001
"Pink Still-life with Glasses" 2000, cardboard, oil, 25x35
"Shrimps and Beer" canvas, oil 25x35, 2001
"Still-life with fish"
"Still-life with fish"
"Une bien-aimee!" 50x80, canvas, oil 2001
Port of Marina di Camerotta. Canvas, oil, 50x60. 2002.
"Port of Marina di Camerotta". Canvas, oil, 50x60. 2002.
"Ambois" canvas, oil 70x80, 2001
Rogue. Canvas, oil 40x50, 2003
Canvas, oil. 40x50, 2003
"About Love" (Triptych, central part), canvas, oil 70x80, 2001


"About Love" (Triptych, right part), canvas, oil 40x50, 2001
"Putin, Labrador Connie", canvas, oil, 50x70, 2005
"Rebuilt Church nearby Atrium Palace Hotel" canvas, oil 60x60, 2001
"Le Marquis de Pompadour", canvas, oil, 50x70, 2005
"Behind the screen", canvas, oil, 80x100, 2003
"Mask", canvas, oil, 50x70, 2004
"Courtesan", canvas, oil, 80x100, 2004
"Venice", canvas, oil, 37x54, 2004
"Venice. Reflection", canvas, oil, 54x45, 2004
"Gondoliers" canvas, oil, 45x54, 2004


"Carnival" canvas, oil 100x80, 2005
"86 Bolshakova st." canvas, oil 50x60, 2001



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