Album "Seven Yekaterinburg Artists"

The presentation of seven Yekaterinburg artists in this album doesn’t seek the complete range of all artistic process happening in our city. These seven don’t even form a creative group. Here each represents his own world outlook and his inherent graceful quest. Despite difference of all their «artistic handwriting», there is definitely a certain uniting source: all of them are retaining strong connection with the tradition of intellectually significant and colorful saturated painting. Each of the authors has talent and ability to improvise easily on two-dimensional space of the canvas. Each has an aspiration for keen artistic play of mysterious sense and paradoxical symbols.

G. Kholodova

V. Volovich A. Alekseev - Svinkin

G. Metelev O. Shtukaturova

V. Chursin M. Sazhaev

PROMDESIGN publishing 
Yekaterinburg, Russia, 1999

With question, suggestion 
apply by the phone: 
Y. Filonenko

 Rus/Engl. 128 types
 94 illustrations, hard cover
 printed by Gorenjski Tisk , d.d.
 Slovenija,  1999



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