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WebWarper: Privacy Policy

This document is devoted to public WebWarper service, located at the address http://webwarper.net, and intended for accelerating access to Internet.

WebWarper service is developed by and belongs to SIAMS Company.

This document does completely describe collection, storage and distribution of personal information we collect from WebWarper service users. We do neither collect, store, nor distribute information about our users in the ways other from described in this document.



Information about page views through WebWarper service

In order to collect statistics, and also to analyze WebWarper service operation, during every Web page view we do register the following information about user in log-files of WebWarper server:

  • user's IP-address;
  • precise date and time of addressing the page;
  • address of a viewed page;
  • address of a page, user surfed to the given page from (Referrer);
  • type of a user's browser (User-Agent);
  • parameters of WebWarper service used while viewing this page (whether advertisement was enabled, whether antivirus mode was used, etc.);
  • time characteristics, describing the process of loading a page to webwarper.net server, and its further compression.

Some statistic information, describing the number of views for pages with different types in some intervals of time, but not containing any personal data on users, is published openly on our Web site at http://webwarper.net/wwlogs/.

Other information from log-files of WebWarper is also available on our site, but access to it is protected by standard Basic-scheme of HTTP-authorization. Logins and passwords required to gain access to this information are known to SIAMS Company only.

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Information about addressings to webwarper.net server

Every addressing to our webwarper.net server through HTTP protocol is fixed in standard log files of Apache Web server. These log files, same as WebWarper service log files, do contain user information: IP-address, precise date and time of addressing to a page, page address, Referrer, and User-Agent.

Only SIAMS Company do have access to these log files. Logins and passwords required to gain access to this information are known to SIAMS Company only.

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Advertisement and counters on WebWarper panels

We add some advertisement and service scripts of third-party companies on the pages viewed via WebWarper service, and also to the pages of this site. These companies can register some information about the visitor: IP-address, address of the viewed page, type of the browser, screen resolution, operating system, time of viewing the site, etc. No personal information about the visitor (such as the name, address, email address or telephone number) is transmitted.

Please keep in mind that we are not responsible for privacy policy of companies and private persons whose advertisement or scripts are placed on WebWarper panels!

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Content of pages viewed through WebWarper

It is possible to view absolutely arbitrary pages from any Web sites with help of WebWarper service. Any mechanisms for collecting information about users can be implemented on these pages. In particular, cookies can be used.

Please keep in mind that we are not responsible for privacy policy of owners of sites and pages that are viewed through WebWarper service!

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